Demon Killer 8 in 1 Pre-Built Coils


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Total 48 pieces:

6X .50 ohm HiveCoil

6X .45 ohm Mix TwistedCoil

6X .36 ohm QuadCoil

6X .85 ohm ClaptonCoil

6X .45 ohm Fused ClaptonCoil

6X .36 ohm Flat TwistedCoil

6X .36 ohm TigerCoil

6X .45 ohm Alien ClaptonCoil


They are made from Iron aluminum alloy.
ThisĀ  prebulit coil saves your time.
These are long lasting, great wicking, prebulit coil.
Each coil type is separated in the case
perfect for safe travel and storage.

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Weight 2 oz


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