Clover Overlord Twist

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Clover Overload Twist 2600 mAh 510 threading Vape Battery. Its an Ego twist style 3.3V-4.8V twist, let you control the voltage to your liking. This is the biggest battery on the market for a non-mod battery.


  • Variable Voltage Output: Twist at the bottom of the battery 3.3V – 4.8V
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Compatible Threading: eGo (710 threading) and 510 Threading
  • Up to 26 hours on a full charge.
  • Around 3 to 4 hours to fully charge (Do not overcharge it will damage the battery life span)
  • Charger: 510 Threading USB Charger (can be added to your battery)

Size (Height x Width x Length):

  • 4.75in x 0.8in x 0.8in


  • Lockable: Press 5 times to turn on/off. Locked when LED does not light up when pushed.
  • When battery is in use and it blinks that mean battery is low and needs charging.
  • Tank Protection/Cutoff Timer
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection

Additional information

Weight 2.927 oz

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Stainless, White

Add a USB Charger

Yes, No

49 reviews for Clover Overlord Twist

  1. bnbgace (verified owner)

    I love these large capacity batteries. they last a long time. Project Alpha is a great company and is very responsive to any problems or returns.

  2. scholljeff (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best pen type battery on the market today. A battery with this kind of power and endurance is not even sold in my local vape stores. If it was they would easily charge 35 to 40 dollars retail. These batteries easily last 12 hours of continuous use. I will definitely but this product again.

  3. emailedrobertson (verified owner)

    I have bought several different types of batteries and these last longer per charge than all the others. It lasts for many days between recharges. They have been the most durable batteries I have owned as well. The addition of awesome customer service makes Project Alpha my go to store for vapes. Real people in customer service, not automated response emails. Very nice indeed.

  4. Cheri Bemis (verified owner)

    Nice size battery and charge will last quit a long time Like a whole day and a half and I’m a heavy vaper.

  5. Mike W. (verified owner)

    I like the battery alot but I got a defective one that they are replacing

  6. MEGAN M. (verified owner)

    The battery is nice and big. It feels good to hold and its harder to lose. I like that the light changes from white to blue when I hit 40%. I also like that it charges easily which I can’t say the same for other cheaper batteries. The charging cable does not fit other batteries, but other charging adapters will fit this battery. However, I strongly recommend using the charging adapter sold along side this battery because of its size I feel like using traditional adapters would risk breaking the internal wires because of the weight of the battery. Hope that made sense.

  7. Adrian Vallejo (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service fast shipping pen is on point for price

  8. Adrian (verified owner)

    I like this pen has all the settings you need for 591 thread products

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    seem to work well so far

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    Both batteries seem seem to be defective. Don’t hold a charge. Not sure if they’re clones or what the issue is.

  11. EMIT (verified owner)

    On time Delivery

  12. Theresa B. (verified owner)

    Thank you.

  13. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

    Batteries work good. Last all day

  14. Alan Y. (verified owner)


  15. heather m. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)


  17. william bratten (verified owner)

    best product glad to find an honest web site.

  18. Elaine (verified owner)

    I couldn’t find these anywhere in my town. I have had one for the last 4 years. So happy I found my new Clover Overload.

  19. JENNIFER (verified owner)

    Fast delivery & great quality

  20. Danny B. (verified owner)

    The only batteries I use I love them

  21. Elise (verified owner)

    fast service

  22. kevin s. (verified owner)

    awesome perfect

  23. BEVERLY (verified owner)

    I have been using this brand of batteries for many years!

  24. Steven (verified owner)

    My fave batteries.

  25. Casper (verified owner)

    I haven’t used one yet but the ones I’ve used in the past are great.

  26. Brandon (verified owner)

    Holds a great charge. If I was so rough on equipment it’d last me longer than they do 🙂

  27. RICHARD WARE (verified owner)

    Still not pleased. Press the button and it still blinks 3 times then cuts off. I have to press again before I can take a puff. The charge only last 1/2 day. Not normal behavior for a Clover Twist and I’ve been using them for 4 years.

    • zoriginate (store manager)

      Flashing 3 times indicate that there is a short circuit between the tank and the battery. The tank is screwed on too tightly and pushing down the connection pin on the battery. Unscrew the tank from the battery a little bit will solve the problem.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Do it

  29. shae kierukstys (verified owner)

    Love these batteries

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)


  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect! Thank you!

  32. Elizabeth Blodgett (verified owner)

    Just got these in a few days ago my girlfriends is still working hasn’t charged it either, is still almost fully charged and is working great. But mine just stopped working out of nowhere and blinks 10 times anytime a cartridge is on it. Tried screwing on lightly and tightly and multiple cartridges nothing seems to work with it anymore but do with hers. Not sure if defective or what’s happening but would appreciate a response was gonna email but forgot I didn’t put review yet so here’s both haha!

  33. Cheri Holt (verified owner)

    Excellent so far.

  34. Steven W. (verified owner)

    The only type of battery I’ve ever used. So glad you have them for me, wish I would stop dropping and breaking them!

  35. Daniel (verified owner)

    Very good product

  36. Ben L. (verified owner)

    This thing is a beast with its voltage dial and long battery life. The Purple one is awesome looking too.

  37. kevin s. (verified owner)

    awesome again

  38. Lori (verified owner)

    Great authentic product!

  39. Jerry H. (verified owner)

    Love Product.

  40. william (verified owner)

    quality clover battery

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)


  42. Ben (verified owner)

    Great batteries, but they can break easily, so be careful. Especially since you won’t be able to get them as cheap or shipped to your door soon.

  43. Robert E. (verified owner)

    Best battery ever

  44. Shelia Ordway (verified owner)

    They came packaged very well to avoid damage, thanks Project Alpha

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect as always

  46. Heather (verified owner)

    Excellent communication excellent product

  47. jay c. (verified owner)

    great batteries

  48. Austin (verified owner)

    Works fantastically. I’m new to vaping so this device, for me, is very easy to understand and operate. It came pre-charged and I’ve been using it off and on since I got it and haven’t had to charge it yet. Can’t recommend it enough.

  49. Jackie (verified owner)


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